Road Biking

Move for Literacy

Get your move on and support literacy!

This fundraiser will be taking place over the entire month of September.

Run, cycle, walk, etc. to raise funds that will go towards helping an adult learn to read.

More Details

Thank you for participating in Move For Literacy - a fun way to support literacy while you get your move on!

Cycle, walk, run or hike — or do all four!

During the entire month of September, you will keep track of

• miles cycled, walked, run or hiked

• elevation changes

• number of steps

Pledge a donation to Ethos Literacy based on how much you move

• 10 cents for every mile cycled

• 40 cents for every mile walked, run or hiked

• $1.00 for every 1,000 feet of elevation gain

• $1.00 for every 5,000 steps

Recruit your friends, family, co-workers, or workout buddies to support your pledged donation.

How to calculate your movement? Use any movement monitoring app such as Apple, Strava, Fitbit or Peloton.

We’ll give you a spreadsheet to keep track of your progress!

We will give away 28 gift certificates from our sponsoring merchant vendors totaling $900 in value. Gift certificates will be awarded to participants based on single day and total month achievements. Winning participants will receive one certificate.


We encourage all of our participants to sign up as a site member in order to access the Move For Literacy group page! This will be a place where you can ask questions, share your experiences, organize meet-ups, and upload pictures of your efforts. 

Ethos Literacy is not responsible for any meet-ups that participants may plan.

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